Abandoned Cable Removal

Keep your place of business out of harm’s way by having any and all abandoned cables removed from the premises. For more than a decade, J Allan Communications has specialized in removing abandoned cabling from walls and ceilings of commercial buildings and homes in the Greater Sacramento area.

If you suspect that your home or place of business has cabling left over from previous tenants and owners, then contact us by phone or email to get a free abandoned cable removal estimate.

Abandoned cables could pose a serious risk to the health of your staff, and to the building where you do business. Failing to remove abandoned cables could have frightening consequences. They could be the cause of fires, smoke, or even lethal toxic fumes. These risks may lead to legal liability issues, and could even void your fire insurance policy.

Even if you believe that your building does not have any abandoned cables and components from previous occupants, it’s worth it to have your building surveyed. Many buildings throughout Sacramento and its surrounding towns and cities may have miles of cabling hidden in ceilings and walls. Abandoned cables are commonly found in commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, apartment complexes, and other large properties that have undergone recent expansion.

The licensed and highly experienced staff of J Allan Communications has more than 15 years of experience removing abandoned cables from the premises of commercial properties in Northern California.

Don’t take the risk of ignoring abandoned cables or trying to remove them without the help of a licensed professional. Contact us by email or phone today to have one of our certified technicians remove the abandoned cabling from your building. We’ll remove cables from your ceilings and walls according to code, and at a rate that won’t break the bank.

Here at J Allan Communications, we service all cities and towns surrounding Sacramento, including Rancho Cordova, Citrus Heights, Folsom, Elk Grove, and more.